To Your Dear Ta, A Gentle Gift From Swatch

At this moment when love is just right, Swatch brings you a ‘Gentle Gift’ (GZ300) Valentine’s Day special watch. Love is a delicate emotion that requires careful care. And for love, we are never satisfied, we always want to desire more. Still wasting time trying to figure out each other’s thoughts? Take action now, this Valentine’s Day, let Swatch express your love!

   Through the silver perspective dial of the ‘Gentle Gift’, you can see the colorful internal movement structure, and these movement parts are connected with a red love-shaped driving gear. The ‘core’ implies that love needs gentle care. If you forget it accidentally, it doesn’t matter, the words ‘careful care’ printed on the back of the strap will also give you an intimate reminder (of course, the care we are talking about here is not just the watch)

   This year’s special Valentine’s Day watch ‘Gentle Gift’ is packed in a red transparent plastic box, decorated with multiple white love patterns and a message full of love. Hurry up and buy it now to your dear TA!