Vacheron Constantin Miniature Mask On The Wrist

Vacheron Constantin has recently become obsessed with ‘miniaturization’-miniature original primitive tribal masks in the Barbier-Mueller Museum into watches, launched a new mask watch.
The masks of Minjiang Shidangden concentrated on the watch only need a glance to have a feeling of being stared deeply. When Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Ar “t Les Masques” master series debuted in 2007, the brand has again challenged the “miniaturization” process and launched a new mask watch, which is also a replica of the four original masks, drawn from materials From Mexico, Japan, Gabon and Papua New Guinea-this ‘miniaturization’ reduces the size, and perfectly reproduces the original poetic and spirit of the mask. Even because it is concentrated in the small dial, the mask The kind of mysterious gas field is more vivid.
1. Japanese mask

Japanese mask
的 The watch with the Japanese religious Buddha mask as the dial exudes a gentle and detailed light like Haoyue. The mask seems to represent Amitabha, and it contains the meaning of ‘magnitudeless light’ or ‘magnitude of life’. It is said that this Buddha is one of the five wise Buddhas, and is responsible for drawing followers who have died out of life to another world.
2. Papua New Guinea Mask

Papua New Guinea Mask
面具 This mask is a collection of animal-shaped and anthropomorphic features. It comes from the Sepik Estuary and has a variety of shapes, but it has a long hook nose that looks like a hawk and an animal straw. In order to realistically reproduce the masculine atmosphere of the mask, Vacheron Constantin’s production team specially used red gold to paint the wooden mask.
3. Mexican mask

Mexican mask
Because the original mask is made of clay as the main material, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking team perfectly reproduced the texture of the pottery on the surface and decided to use Matt pumice powder with different thicknesses as raw materials. When blended and smeared, it really recreates the original texture of the pottery, and the effect is more natural and real.