Watch Animal Shape Micro-carving Process

Perpetual calendar and tourbillon are indeed technologies that show the watch brand technology, but the craft of the watch is not limited to this. The aesthetic design, micro-engraving process, and inlaying methods all show superb skills.

Vacheron Constantin
The ‘Master of Art’ series launched the ‘Maki-e’ series of watches with oriental temperament in 2010, combining watch decoration art with lacquer craftsmanship. A set of three, carp, frog, and turtle. Price: 2.793 million yuan.

Takashi Reverso
The high-quality jewelry watch adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most famous snowflake paving technique. The application of a large number of diamonds has made the watch a high-quality jewelry.

Metal micro-engraving process
In the past two years, he has been committed to metal micro-carving, a high-end watchmaking technique on the verge of being lost. In a small space of only a few square centimeters, it is difficult to imagine exquisite painting. The price of Blancpain VILLERET intricate gold engraved watch: 430,000 yuan; The price of Blancpain Chinese Dragon limited edition Carrousel watch: 1.139 million yuan.