What Brand Of Oval Watch Looks Good? Which Children’s Watches Look Good?

Ms. Has always had high requirements for the appearance of watches. From dial to strap, various styles are dazzling. What brand of oval watch looks better? What female watch looks good? What female watch is suitable for various occasions? Next, the editor introduces two such ladies’ watches.
Cartier-Delices de Cartier Collection WG800003 Ladies Quartz Watch

 The Délices de Cartier watch is like a delicious dish, mouth-watering. Its exquisite curves, crystal color, and slightly twisted oval shape exude an attractive style surrounded by bright diamonds; the round diamonds of the dial are embellished, so that the dynamic lines show the smile of time and present a touch of delicate play.
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 The watch’s outer case is decorated with 76 baguette-shaped diamonds, but in terms of gems, this is just the beginning. There is another 42 on the dial ring (circle with code and minute graduations on the dial). A pear-shaped diamond decorates an 18-carat white dial at six o’clock. The dial is hand-engraved on the engraving machine and is decorated with natural mother-of-pearl. The strap is also meticulously decorated and strung with pink natural Arkoy pearls from Tahiti.
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