Who Wears A Watch Can Best Represent (On)

In modern society, the marketing strategy of consumer goods, ‘spokesperson marketing’ seems to be a common practice, and the ‘person’ itself has many uncontrollable variables. Regarding marketing tools, regardless of the price of consumer goods, whether it is tangible goods or intangible services, the ‘spokesman’ has always been like a double-edged sword. It is a sharp weapon that can directly hit people’s hearts, but may also hurt themselves. In recent years, there seems to be an increasing number of believers in the global watch industry who are affirming the positive benefits of ‘endorser marketing’. However, there have been relatively few successful examples. What is the more feasible formula for success? Today, we are not talking about complication and the balance of the movement, but we are talking about the person wearing the watch.

Panerai, who has never been a spokesperson, invited Huo Jianhua to be the spokesperson for the Greater China brand this year, which is a major event in the watch industry in the beginning of the year.
   At the end of February 2017, when the watch media had just received pressure from the cut-off pressure of the double-sided clip of the SIHH high-end watch exhibition and the Lunar New Year holiday, I thought that before the Basel watch exhibition, it would be a relatively calm market. day. Unexpectedly, a film released by Panerai on social media predicted that the brand was about to have a ‘big event’. The result was finally announced in early March: since its establishment 157 years ago, Panerai has always adhered to the watch itself as the best marketing tool, and for the first time invited Chinese actor Huo Jianhua to become the brand spokesperson for Greater China. As soon as the news was announced, it caused a heated discussion, and also stimulated the public’s discussion on ‘spokesperson marketing.’

Recently, after the announcement that the former football star Beckham was invited to be the brand spokesperson, TUDOR Tudor announced the goddess Lady Gaga to be the spokesperson for the brand #BORNTODARE campaign.
   How do you know that the hot debate caused by this spokesperson can only be regarded as an appetizer? At the Basel watch exhibition, the exchange of its own movement with Breitling ‘reciprocity’ caused a heated discussion TUDOR Tudor watch, on May 31 announced that contemporary football superstar David Beckham (David Beckham) has become the global spokesperson for the brand, and in recent days, it has been chasing after victory. In the second half of the year, it was announced that Lady Gaga, an American music ghost singer and goddess, acted as the spokesperson for the brand #BORNTODARE campaign, breaking the brand’s practice of not using a spokesperson for many years. To measure Tudor’s market share and brand position, the first introduction of a brand spokesperson should naturally be the result of careful consideration. The spokesperson does help to use more flexible marketing strategies, and it has the immediate effect of attracting new consumer groups and expanding market foundations. At a time when the watch and clock industry is conservatively looking at market growth, Panerai and Tudor boldly use the spokesperson’s marketing strategy. Whether it can effectively stimulate gas buying may have to be confirmed after a period of fermentation. What is certain is that ironclad has played a significant role in attracting consumer discussion and media attention.

Since serving as the spokesperson for RADO global brand in 2014, Tang Wei has been a Chinese actress for more than three years. Even if she is a wife and mother, her popularity is still undiminished and she is loved by the brand.
   If discussed from a more academic point of view, in the ‘Consumer Behavior’ model often referred to by marketing, consumers will most likely experience 5 recyclable and reversible purchases of tangible goods or intangible services. Steps: Demand Recognition, Information Research, Alternative Evaluation, Purchase Decision, and Post-purchase Behavior. The spokesperson chosen by the brand often plays a role in consumer purchase behavior. In addition to appearing in the brand’s promotional advertisements to attract consumers’ attention, watch endorsers who wear brand watches competently when participating in film premieres and awards ceremonies will naturally add endorsements to the brand. The number of exposures in the media has led to more consumers recognizing this brand. When they want to buy a watch later, they can also use the impression generated by the spokesperson to trigger them to search for whether this brand meets their personal needs. The ideal watch.

Popular brand watches are lovers of the brand’s marketing strategy. The CASIO Baby-G series watch, which focuses on the young women’s market, has continued to cooperate closely with Girls’ Generation, a well-known Korean women’s group in recent years.
   Then, after collecting the purchase options, consumers will come to the stage of ‘probability assessment’ commonly known as ‘shopping around.’ In the ubiquitous modern age of the Internet, finding out of the box, sharing the experience of cousins, and quotations from different places is already easy to do with a few fingers. So what kind of benefits can the endorser bring? A ‘Projection Effect’ that tries to reflect the characteristics and advantages possessed by the spokesperson. It is not only effective in popular products focusing on the female market, but also in the watch market with a large proportion of men. Influence.

Farewell to Takeshi Kaneshiro, the CITIZEN watch first tried the ‘dual spokesperson’ form, and in the publicity advertisements, the two generations of Chinese male actors Ren Xianqi and Wu Kuangren talked to each other for generations, which is of far-reaching significance.
   Take Takeshi Takeshi as an example, as the spokesperson for the CITIZEN watch for 7 years, the brand staff said that it does have a considerable influence: ‘As long as the annual endorsement publicity is exposed at the beginning, the store will definitely encounter many people who have designated to buy advertising If the limited edition models are sold out, they will be transferred to similar models in the same series. ‘Although the market demand has been misjudged and the colors of the advertising models have been wrongly selected, the same series of watches still cause snapping. Sold out. It is obvious that such a marketing approach does have a lot of attractive benefits.

From the countdown, I found that Nicole Kidman has been the ambassador for Omega Women’s Watch for 12 years, and it must have obviously improved the brand image.
   Taking a closer look, the types and choices of spokespersons will also reveal some clues about brand trends and market changes. Looking back at the history of watchmaking, spokesperson marketing has always existed in the market. For the most obvious examples, Paul Newman is at Rolex Daytona, Steve McQueen is at TAG Heuer Monaco, just like the female market. The relationship between Princess Diana and Jane Birkin and other well-known historical women and well-known bags can immediately make people think of a certain series of products of a specific brand. Film and television celebrities are mostly selected to increase their exposure to the general public; alliances with sports, golf, racing, polo and other sports, or top players in the arts such as opera, music, and painting are aimed at high-end consumers. In-depth understanding and recognition of the brand. Some people of the times even related to the brand-new creations of watches, which can be seen on the body of Italian fashionista Lapo Elkann.

Hublot, which is good at applying composite material themes to watches, not only established a cooperative relationship with Italian trendy accessory brand Italia Independent in November 2014, but also invited the brand president and co-founder Lapo Elkann to design and integrate the houndstooth pattern cloth. High-fashion style watch with classic fabrics such as face.
   In 2014, Hublot started cooperation with Lapo Elkann, and it was confirmed afterwards that the brand is not just hoping for his influence in the European fashion circle through popular brands such as Gucci, but also with His collaboration will form an important element of popular men’s clothing: fabrics, applied to the brand’s well-known Big Bang series watches, allowing the watch to also open a new connection with suits, shirts and trousers; such an angle of entry, in the industry It’s rare and quite new.