Wrist Elves Jumping Starry Night Athens Christmas Gifts

Across the dark night of doomsday, a new world was born before the world like Jesus came. As the old and new years alternate, the Swiss fine watch brand Athens Watch recommends the Classico Luna moon watch, the Royal Blue flying tourbillon watch and the mother-of-pearl manager’s dual time zone female watch, creating a smart moment on your wrist and shining bright starry night .

A glance for thousands of years, true love forever-鎏 金 沁 月 月 相 表 (Classico Luna)
   The pair of watches on the overlapping wrists is the best accessory for party lovers. Athenian watch loves to create a classic watch for Classico Luna 鎏 金 沁 月 月. Relying on the traditional and simple shape, the watch perfectly presents the changing moon phases on a simple dial, and then embellishes with diamonds to create a spirit that leaps between the wrists. The long black Roman numerals are distributed on the black and smooth dial of the Yu Gong Men’s Watch, which highlights the elegant style of the man against the stainless steel case. The female watch of Juan Juan uses the noble and elegant mother-of-pearl material to create the dial. With a bezel set with diamonds and diamond hour markers, the 35mm diameter jewelry watch will become the most perfect embellishment at the party.
   The moon phase watch not only captures the hearts of people with its gorgeous design, but also reproduces the moon phase principle of the masterpiece of the Athenian watch. When the moon rotates clockwise around the earth, it reflects the sun’s rays, and the moon phase of the watch shows this angle of illumination. The moon phase disk rotates around the center of the watch (representing the earth), making one revolution every 12 hours. Its rotation speed will follow the 29.5-day cycle of the moon phase, and the color of the moon phase disk will change, which will increase and decrease with the lack of the moon. The watch is located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, and has a button for quickly adjusting the moon phase function. The automatic winding makes it easy for the wearer to read the moon phase.

Dream Blue Tourbillon Shines Between Wristbands-Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon
   The sparkling diamonds and skeleton flying tourbillon are complemented by the clear blue crystals to highlight the elegant elegance of the man. The Athenian watch from the ocean uses a mysterious blue to create a luxurious choice for top dinner accessories.
   The Athens Blue Royal Blue watch successfully uses the sapphire crystal to successfully show the mystery of the flying tourbillon. With the delicate cut diamonds, it looks like a perfect work of art. The Royal Blue Tourbillon watch is a 43 mm diameter case, inlaid with 128 baguette diamonds and 57 baguette sapphires, highlighting its round shape. The sapphire hour marker on the platinum diamond bezel is one of the design ingenuities of the watch. Through the transparent surface when winding, you can clearly see the continuous movement of the barrel, gears and escapement.

Combining intricate craftsmanship and jewelry inlays, Royal Blue perfectly interprets the unique aesthetics of the Athenian watch.
    The Royal Blue flying tourbillon abandons the ordinary tourbillon to fix the mechanical structure on the base plate with the bridge plate, and the flying tourbillon omits the fixed bridge plate. The famous watchmaker of Athens, James Billerton, overcomes the difficult operation stability of the flying tourbillon, and successfully writes a new page for watchmaking.
   Hand-crafted sapphire crystal board and bridge with invisible winding mechanism. The flying tourbillon floats on the base plate for rotation, and shows a rare balance aesthetics on the face plate. From the barrel, the hour and minute hands, and the tourbillon, they are arranged on the dial in a straight line. The unique clarity of the crystal presents stunning mystery and beauty.
   Platinum case, limited to 30 pieces, waterproof to 30 meters. The Royal Blue Tourbillon Diamond Watch is available in a crocodile leather strap style, platinum diamond and sapphire bracelet with folding buckle.

Colorful Christmas Eve-Purple Faceplate Manager Dual Time Zone Women’s Watch
   The magnificence of time is not only the world of men alone. Swiss luxury watch maker Athenaeum strives to create a dual-time zone women’s watch for managers, allowing urban ladies to have a beautiful wrist-elf while accurately grasping the time. The white enamel bezel is inlaid with delicate cut diamonds, with beautiful luster mother-of-pearl and purple to create an elegant and mysterious dial, showing the capable, gentle and mysterious sexy image of modern urban women.
   In 1996, Athens Watch launched a patented dual time zone system, which is one of many technological breakthroughs. This revolutionary system is also applied to managers’ dual time zone women’s watches. Just press the enamel button next to the bezel, and the hour hand can quickly adjust to different time zones.