Zhenith Ultra Thin Moon Phase Women’s Watch: Love Midnight Blues

It is the vast background of the starry sky in Van Gogh’s works. It is vast and fascinating, between melancholic blue and deep black. It is the rhythmic blues of B • B • King, flowing from the throat with perseverance and authenticity. Looking at all the lights through the pane, looking up, so which star are you thinking of flashing for you? Who will miss you in such a night, and who do you miss? There is a story circulating in Zenith: El Primero’s history would come to an abrupt end in 1975 if it was not for a brave watchmaker who rescued production tools and equipment from the scrap yard. At that time, the company decided to stop manufacturing mechanical watches and specialize in quartz watches, and sold all machines, movements and tools as scrap. At the risk of losing his job, Charles Wilmo began to hide important tools and components. Only nine years later, the mechanical movement once again won the favor of people, El Primero is back to heaven, and it is miraculously reborn! So Zenith had a ‘tribute to Charles Vermot’ dials all decorated with midnight blue.